Y2K Part Two

For custom DB's, SS's and/or programs: If your organization uses and/or creates "custom" DB's, SS's and/or programs that involve or use date calculations, they need to be tested for Y2K problems. The most common problem in this area is specifying date fields/records as a number instead of a date. This will cause the system (BIOS/Operating System/Program) to use the NUMBER formulas/functions instead of the DATE formulas/functions. That will, in turn, cause the wrong results just like the inherit "Two-Digit" Y2K problem and cause problems for an otherwise Y2K compliant system. The only solution is to rewrite.

This problem like all other Y2K issues can be tested by setting the clock on your system to the year 2000 and test all of your software. Please make a backup before changing your clock and call TMG if you have any questions or problems. Again if you need any help confirming and/or testing Y2K compliance, please call The Mac-Micro Garage at 547-0517 or e-mail our techstaff.